About Bangaru Adigalar (AMMA):

Amma born on March 3rd, 1942 at Melmaruvathur village to Shri Gopala Naicker and Meenakshi Ammal, His Holiness Adigalar is believed to be an AVATAR and the incarnation of the Supreme power- ADHIPARASAKTHI.

His Holiness’ Oracles and Miracles attract millions of devotees from all over the world who come to seek his blessings. Clad in a simple white shirt and a red dhoti sans all ornaments of a sanyasi, sadhu or Godman. He is a personification of Simplicity. His Holiness’ profound qualities of love, compassion and scarifies have led to His devotees calling HIM- ‘AMMA’.

The moving spirit behind all activities of the Adhiparasakthi Movement, His Holiness stands out distinctively unique well above all other Gurus.

Amma is the founder of Adhiparasakthi Siddar Peeda Women's Charitable Trust and Arulmigu Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peedam, Melmaruvathur. The tiny remote and backward village, Melmaruvathur, has transformed into a busy township with a Railway station and Telephone Exchange by the grace of 'AMMA', in a few decades.

Amma's Spiritual service apart, her humanitarian and benevolent love engulf the poor and downtrodden, women and children, mentally retarded and astray youth bestowing all of them with a secure and peaceful world. In her world, there is "No Caste, No Creed, No Religion". All are Amma's Children.

In Melmaruvathur, Amma ordains all functions, Social and Community services, throughout the year. Year by year, devotees gather at Melmaruvathur on this divine occasion, Birthday, in teeming thousands for a consummation of all social service she renders for the entire society.

His Holiness Amma, our spiritual Guru is a beacon, lighting up the righteous path. By the twinkling of eye, Amma Created a number of educational institutions ranging from a Matriculation school, a Polytechnic, an Agricultural College, Colleges for a Paramedical cources, a College of Science, and Engineering Colleges all providing quality education. In the near future are planned, Medical serves "100% Free", in this remote place, meeting the growing needs of the villages in the neighbourhood.

Amma is truly the loving mother of the Universe. Her love reaches out to every human not only in India but the world over.