Sakthi Malai:

Devotees along with their families observe penance and fast for 5 days, and on completion of their fasting, go to the Siddhar Peetam to perform certain religious rituals to the Swayambu. The belief is that this penance will cleanse the soul of its sins. Even women and children are allowed to observe this penance and make the offerings. Several thousands travel by foot (Pada Yathra) to Melmaruvathur while observing this penance to carry out the rituals and improve their family well being.


A devotee performed Paada Puja to Adigalaar. When Adigalaar stood in the pan, His sacred body shook and shed tears in a few seconds. Amma said in an Oracle, that the tears were out of joy. When you do Paada Puja to Adigalaar, AdhiParaSakthi Herself receives it. Adigalaar, an Avatar of AdhiParaSakthi has performed miracles to Her devotees who have done Paada Puja.


When devotees perform Paada Puja to Shri Adigalaar, He accepts the performer's sin and past karma and thus relieves them off those bad effects.

The holy water of Paada Puja performed to Amma is a life-long boon. It has cured many incurable diseases and solved many problems in the life of performers.

The holy water, when sprinkled in houses, lands, gardens, offices, clinics, and factories can ward off evil spirits and prevent calamities.

Adigalaar showers His Grace to devotees who pray to His Lotus feet in picture.

Adigalaar's birthdays, and as and when Adigalaar tours places outside Melmaruvathur, many get the benefit of performing Paada Puja in a common place like worship centers and some individuals in their houses. By doing Paada Puja to Adigalaar, problems in family are solved. One's own prarabtha karma sins are reduced.

When you perform Paada Puja to Adigalaar, Siddhars, Saints, Gnanis, Rishis, Monks and above all, all Gods appear in subtle form to receive the Paada Puja holy water.

When you do Paada Puja to Adigalaar, Mother AdhiParaSakthi Herself accepts it.