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Most Zoom games either require manual effort or a simple screen sharing option that makes it easier for you and your friends to stay on the same page. Follow this guide to learn all the basics of sharing your screen via Zoom which can then be used to play one of the games we have listed below. Most Zoom games are played using either a third-party service or the in-built annotation tools provided by Zoom.

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  • Next, gather any additional materials you may need for the game, and send attendees a list of supplies if applicable.
  • The world-famous Bongo’s Bingo is kicking off bingo in the house!
  • Many PTs and instructors have flexed their flexibility skills during this crazy time and are now offering lessons online.
  • However, players only earn points for original answers.

The other team members try to guess the phrase by reading the player’s lips. You can create a list of phrases for the players to use, with category headers for each item. Some subjects that make great categories are song lyrics, cereal names, celebrities and movie titles. Taste Test gives your team a chance to test powers of deduction. For this virtual meeting game, each player chooses a food or drink to taste test, keeping it out of view of the camera.


Simon Says is one of the easiest games to play on Zoom view it now . You, and your team, are likely familiar with the game format. For the Zoom version of the game, participants can turn off their video to show when they are out.

Decide How You Will Split Up Your Team

The first player launches the game on their phone, selects a deck, and places his phone on his forehead towards the screen so everyone can see. Ensure the player places his phone down while placing it on his forehead so he cannot see the screen. It’s also best if the player chooses the ‘Hide Self View’ option in Zoom. A popular parlour game, especially on birthdays and Christmas parties, musical chairs is something you can play virtually, too, with a twist. Ask someone to play music and the rest to dance to the chosen beat. When the music stops, everyone freezes and the last person to be seen moving gets eliminated until someone wins.

For example, you could have everyone grab their favorite mug and award points to the best mug story. When the video ends, players must guess who they think the dancer is. When all votes are in, reveal the answer, either by showing a picture or playing the end of the video. Or, you could coordinate for the dancer to join the call with a blacked out screen, and turn on their video for the reveal.

You can make a slideshow with the prompts if you would like. Otherwise, just read the statements and have players write down their answers on scrap paper or message you privately in the chat. The Newlywed Game quizzes pairs about each other’s preferences. Partners or teams answer questions about each other, and gain points for every matching response. Check out our full list of virtual minute to win it games.

List Of Zoom Team Building Games

Here are some riddles that will help you keep the game going for a while. You can use the tons of available math riddles on the internet to create an interesting game for yourself. Simply start by creating a pool of uncomfortable questions for your friends that they will be inclined to avoid answering in a public setting. In case you are unable to come up with a good pool of questions, you can always search online. You can make Zoom meetings fun by playing games and initiating activities that require participation and foster social interaction.