LoveGeist 2010: Precisely What Do Male Daters Appear Like In 2010?

An instant summary of the current feminine dater offered us an average age and actual description, a listing of usual needs and wants, and a peek into just what twenty-first millennium females look out for in somebody.

And then it’s the perfect time the males to make the period.

Who’s the typical male dater this season? Let us fulfill him!

A man for the Varieties

Making use of an equivalent sample dimensions towards females (75,000 members), fit determined your ordinary male user:

  • is actually 25-30 years of age (24per cent).
  • Is 5’10” high (16percent).
  • Provides darkish tresses (31%) and blue-eyes (40%).
  • Views his figure as average (46percent), though a lot more than a-quarter (29%) of participants mentioned these are generally nicely toned and sports.
  • Is actually easygoing (43per cent), but less sociable compared to the average lady (4percent).
  • Is actually smart (53per cent have actually a degree, compared to 15per cent of common male populace associated with UK).
  • Enjoys travel especially other activities, followed closely by movies, talk, and eating out.
  • Most likely works within the that industry (16per cent), is self-employed (14%), or consumes a management part (13per cent).

And that is the average man’s ideal girl? In accordance with multiple-choice reactions, she’s of average establish (86%), has shoulder-length (93percent), golden-haired (87per cent) tresses, is actually easygoing (89%), and possesses an excellent sense of humor (80per cent).

  • it would appear that Marilyn Monroe was right whenever she mentioned that “men choose Blondes,” though in addition they like dark (85per cent) and light (78%) brunettes. Ebony locks scored 79%, followed closely by girls with red hair at 59percent.
  • guys had an obvious preference for long hair. Shoulder-length hair was available in at 93%, long-hair was preferred by 90% on the trial, and very long hair ended up being well-liked by 65%.
  • Slim (85percent) and athletic (80%) systems had been thought about the essential attractive, but do not start starving yourselves, women – 65percent of men appreciated females holding a few extra few pounds.
  • Males seem trust females that vision are someone’s the majority of appealing function (77percent). In addition high on the desirable faculties number tend to be “smile” (76%), “a lovely bottom” (54per cent), “nice legs” (52percent), and “an enjoyable tummy key” (13percent).
  • The best girl loves to dine out, and enjoys music, gigs, cinema, and spending time at the club.

Now that we’ve found the common men and women of, we’re ready to move on to more complicated topics. In the next sections of our overview, we’re going to check out the people with the British and Ireland view internet dating, relationship, and love, and now we’ll fulfill “a fresh variety of practical enchanting, the ‘Pragmatic.'”

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