Don’t use Windows 10’s ‘Optional Updates’ if you want a stable system

In the “Function” menu, you can select more advanced options. You can even have it check hard disk health at startup. You can also use a third-party hard disk health checking tool that will offer much more information than just good or bad status. These tools use the same “S.M.A.R.T” feature of hard disks to fetch data, just like WMIC. However, they provide far more detail instead of just showing good or bad statuses. There are many reasons why the tool gets stuck in the dreaded automatic repair loop. Some users who have upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 report that they’re encountering disk errors on Microsoft’s new desktop OS.

  • Choose Themes and you should have options to change your theme, so find and select the Windows theme from the list of Windows default themes.
  • Here’s how you can find and install missing .dll files on Windows 10.
  • Go to Windows Update tab and click Check for updates.
  • Click Options, Schedule or Scheme to select one or more settings you like.
  • Once you complete the steps, Windows Update will no longer download for the time you specified.

Although there are many versions of the package, the MSVCR120.dll file is specific to the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable. To be sure that you’re not dealing with a fake DLL file, always check the location of the file. Legit DLL files are generally stored in system folders or in the folders of their parent programs. You may also run regular malware scans to ensure no virus or malware entity is hiding in your system. Client

We recommend backing up your data before installing a fresh Windows version. CHKDSK will scan for drive errors and let you know if it found any you should repair, but it won’t try to fix them without a command. Generally, CHKDSK is run via Command Prompt in Windows 10 . Using unique commands like chkdsk /f or chkdsk /r, you can scan your Windows file system — NTFS on Windows XP or later — to pinpoint data errors on your drive and fix them. As a shortcut you can press the Windows key + R to open a run window, type cmd to open a, command prompt window. Once the scan and repairs are complete, restart your PC and run SFC again to replace your corrupt or missing system files. If the system detects that there are errors, you will be asked to check the disk.

Alternatives to Windows 10 Update Assistant

On Windows 10, every hard drive will eventually start experiencing errors and other problems, whether it is a traditional mechanical hard drive or Solid-State Drive . For example, Windows 10 may stop recognizing the storage.

What Are DLL Files?Let’s Go Through An Example!

So, keep your HP or Compaq computer up-to-date and running smoothly by updating thesoftwareon a regular basis. If you want to enable automatic updates on the computer again, you can use the same instructions outlined above, but in step 5, make sure to select the Not Configured option. You can always undo the changes with the instructions outlined above, but on step 4, choose the Select date option. Alternatively, you can accomplish the same effect by clicking the Resume updates button. William Bollson, the editor-in-chief of 4DDiG, devotes to providing the best solutions for Windows and Mac related issues, including data recovery, repair, error fixes. First, you have to download 4DDiG on your Windows and then select a specific location where you lost the data.

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